retaining wall installation allen tx

Keep Standing Water Away From Your Foundation

Get a retaining wall installation for your property in Allen or Plano, TX

The last thing a homeowner needs is foundation damage. To protect your home and your property in Allen or Plano, Texas, Elite Foundation Repairs recommends a retaining wall installation. The interlocking blocks of a concrete retaining wall are designed to let water flow out and away from your home's foundation without taking the supportive soil with it. We'll install a complete drain system to work in conjunction with your concrete retaining wall.

With the right materials and the right installation team, a retaining wall can make a beautiful addition to your property. Schedule your on-site evaluation today by calling 214-856-9634.

Discover the benefits of concrete retaining walls

When you install a concrete retaining wall, you're adding a second layer of protection to your property. This added support can reduce the risk of damage and save you money on repairs.

A retaining wall installation can...

  • Prevent erosion in your yard
  • Redirect water away from your home's foundation
  • Provide support for your foliage and flowers

Concrete block retaining walls are strong enough to withstand significant weather conditions. Call 214-856-9634 today to schedule your installation.